It's Okay. Be a Rebel.

Become a Member of Rebels' Midtown Boutique's Shopping Rebellion and Earn Rebel Rewards!
And they said being a Rebel would never payoff...


Rebels' Midtown Boutique is just what it says. A Boutique for Rebels' that rebels against traditional shopping. What does being a Shopping Rebel offer you?

At Rebels' Midtown Boutique in Tallahassee, FL we offer a unique shopping experience, what we like to call, "Spirited Shopping". Ahem... As a Member of the Rebellion you are enrolled for discounts on apparel and automatically notified of new items, news, videos and local talent updates. We provide the rebellious with a place they can be - well - rebellious.

Earn "Rebel Rewards": For every dollar you spend you earn 1 Rebel Reward! These Rewards are tiered to provide you with multiple discounts that accrue with purchases.

Tier 1 Discount: Earn 750 Rebel Rewards and earn a 15% discount on one total purchase. Sale and Clearance items excluded.

Tier 2 Discount: Earn 1500 Rebel Rewards and earn a 20% discount on one total purchase. Sale and Clearance items excluded.

Tier 3 Discount: Earn 2500 Rebel Rewards and earn a 25% discount on one total purchase. Sale and Clearance items excluded.

Birthday Bucks: Is it your birthday month? Then get ready for a treat. Come in during the month of your birthday and receive a 20% discount on your purchase. Good for one total purchase during your birthday month.

Event and Sales Notifications: Be the first to receive our email newsletter and notifications with special events, sales and clearance items.

1. Like a Unique Shopping and Relaxation Experience.
2. Enjoy puchasing quality items at discounted rates.
3. Have sought for a way to make your "significant" other go shopping with you.
4. Without Complaining... (Drinks, Games and Local artist's and talent)
5. Find the current mall scene a bit "traditional".

Huh? That is right, shop, sip and eat the cookie. At Rebels' Midtown Boutique we have created the perfect atmosphere for those of us who seek a unique and trendy shopping environment. Come and enjoy a shopping experience with panache'.

Rebel Club Rewards Disclaimer

Please be aware of the following stipulations when joining the rebellion.

1. State Photo ID required to purchase in store libations.
2. Memberships are non-transferable.
3. Only one membership per person.
4. Memberships may be canceled by Rebels’ Midtown Boutique without notice to member.
5. Membership applications submitted do not guarantee acceptance. All member applications are reviewed and potential members are notified of their acceptance.
6. Rebels' Midtown Boutique, LLC reserves the right to change incentive & reward programs at anytime with or without prior written notification.

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