Our IN UNIFORM SPOTLIGHT is Shannon Cook. Thanks Shannon for all of your tireless work in the HEALTHCARE industry and for letting us REBELS' get to learn more about you and your professional contribution to the community!


How long have you been a nurse in Tallahassee (Leon County) and where do you practice?  

10 years, Tallahassee Endoscopy Center


How did you know you wanted to be a nurse?  

I worked in surgery for several years as a surgical technologist and knew I wanted to go to nursing school.


What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job? 

Seeing my patients leaving with a smile on their face and amazed “they didn’t feel a thing”. 


Do you have any suggestions for young people who are interested in the nursing field?

Nursing is such an important profession. There are so many different fields in healthcare, and a nurse is always found in the mix. Nursing school is not easy, but you will never be more proud of yourself and what you accomplished.


What has been the most challenging aspect of nursing during this time of COVID19 and quarantine?  what have you found that has allowed you to overcome those challenges?

Not working, most of our procedures were deemed non essential. We were shut down for several weeks. 


How has your specialty in healthcare been affected by the pandemic?

Our specialty doing endoscopes can transmit the virus in respiratory droplets and stool (I know gross) but we are finding since the risk is higher, we are having to wear double the amount of equipment and it’s very hard to breathe. You feel like you are being smothered. I know most people don’t like wearing masks, try wearing two at a time with a face shield, hot gowns and gloves all day. At the end of the day, I’m ready for some fresh air and a good shower!! 


Any suggestions for people in this area to stay healthy during this times?

Wash your hands!!! Don’t touch your face!! 


What is a motto you live by and would like to share… 

When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you start to attract better. It all starts with you. 


What do you like to do when you are not ‘nursing’?  

SHOP !! I love to shop and Rebels is one of my favorites. The girls are so sweet and they have such a cool vibe and variety of items for any age. Great gift ideas too! 


How would you describe your 'fashion’ style when not on duty?

Comfortable chic....with a little boho flair


As a Rebels’ customer, what is one or more of your favorite purchases and why? 

I love Rebels jewelry, I have several pieces, but my favorite is the glass beaded necklace. They are a variety of colored muted beads that go with everything. I actually bought two in a different color. I have a beautiful linen shirt I bought there too, it goes great together. 


What do you enjoy most about living in the Tallahassee area?  

The beautiful trees and hills, I grew up in another part of Florida where it was flat and blah, Tallahassee is such a beautiful little town. I have such a wonderful group of girlfriend and the special bond we share is so important to me. Women are so special and can do some pretty amazing things. Making her look and feel pretty is what Rebels do best! 


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