I got a chance to have a sit down with the owners of the Rebels’ Midtown Boutique in Tallahassee and find out what inspired them to open the doors to their boutique in Betton Place and online with what they call “Spirited Shopping”. An idea that was born out of a rebellion against traditional shopping.


Where were you from originally?

Kelley - Grew up in Bainbridge and moved to Tallahassee in my 20’s.

Shelly - Born in the Midwest and ended up settling in Tallahassee in High School.


How did you both meet?

Shelly - Met while working for the Superintendent of Leon County Schools.


Have you always wanted a brick and mortar boutique?

Kelley - Yes, I had pondered working for myself and starting some type of business. Shelly and I were having lunch one day and the conversation came up. She had also dreamt of owning a boutique and that started the ball rolling. We worked on a business plan at night after our 8 to 5 jobs for about a year and opened the doors to our boutique in Betton Place in April 2018.


Have you always been into fashion and style? 

Shelly - I have loved clothes, jewelry and especially shoes my whole life.

Kelley - I worked in a department store in high school and fell in love with fashion. I then moved to southern California and was introduced to a whole new wider world of fashion and trends. Having three daughters has kept my finger on the pulse of fashion through the years.


How would you describe your individual style?

Kelley - I would describe my style as edgy Boho

Shelly - Trendy but always with my own unique twist


What vibe do you feel Rebels’ strives for? 

Shelly - We like to be on trend but still have a unique bent. We are always mindful of affordability and being inline with our customers’ desires.


What inspired you to serve beer and wine with the “Spirited Shopping” experience?

Kelley - We wanted to create a twist on a traditional storefront and always loved trying on outfits with friends and a glass of wine. Occasionally, when my husband would go shopping with me and our girls he would say, ‘If there was a bar where we shopped and he could grab a beer, he wouldn’t care how long it took.’

Shelly - We felt that creating a relaxed atmosphere with a bar for libations would make a fun shopping experience. We also wanted to be able to highlight local wineries and breweries.


What do you love most about the business?

Shelly - I love the interactions with people and helping them feel beautiful.

Kelley - Meeting people and reconnecting with old friends. It’s rewarding to help both women and men get outside their comfort zone and try new styles.