1. Jen Wristlet -  These  vegan leather wallets come in the cutest pastel colors and the perfect size to carry on the go!

2. Gypsy Junkies Beanies - If you’re having a bad hair day, just throw one of the refurbished Louis Vuitton beanies on. It’s stylish and comfy as can be!  

3. Velvet Scrunchies - I always have a scrunchie on my wrist everywhere I go. With hair as thick as mine, these velvet scrunchies are a lifesaver and are a perfect styling accessory.

4. Bath bombs - After a long day at work or school, I love to soak in the bath with one of these scented bath bombs. Each one contains a prize and is the perfect way to end my day.

5. Farmers Daughter Candles - These candles are the perfect gift for any occasion. Made from recycled wine bottles, they’re the coolest candles out there.