1. Refurbished Louis Vuitton Credit Card Holders, nothing better than sustainable luxury. A must in-store purchase.
2. Florida State Leather Cuffs is a favorite to show local pride with a hint of class.
3. Farmer's Daughter Holiday Candles are sustainable and chic with soy wax that infuse a room with the perfect scent. Visit us to pick the perfect season scent for gift giving and your home.
4. Bridgette Black Sequin Dress. Its a dress guaranteed to impress.
5. Becky's Gold Hoops w/Hematite Beads. These gorgeous hoops don’t only look good but the also feel good. hematite stone is known for helping you ground and balance. So with so much to do this holiday season a gift of grounding and balance never sounded better.
6. Hot Chocolate, Freshly baked cookies and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Perfect Holiday evening with the family, check.
7. In our home, decorating the Christmas tree together and baking cookies have always been a favorite tradition that we love and cherish.